Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Saturday "Fresh" Ride

I just have to say that Mrs Anderson came out with the line of the century this morning as we were sitting at the brew shop....

"Today's a bit Fresh, isn't it"!

Honestly, Mrs Anderson "Fresh" was an understatement! Mind you Mrs A had finished her ride, picked up the car, thrown on a jumper and beanie and had a warm cuppa in her mitts.  Might I add, it was noticed that Mr Anderson took the car home from the brew shop - What's with that????

And who should turn up on this coldest of cold mornings - Micky Young and Thomas.  You picked a fantastic morning for it boys!

So how was the actual ride???  Let's put it this way, when the Zulu turns up to the brew shop and says "that was a tough ride", there were shivers running down my spine - and it wasn't from the sneaky breeze blowing around the corner!  If the Zulu said it was "tough", you know everyone else would have been suffering like a dog!!