Monday, August 27, 2012

The Second Silver

The weekend had Dylan race in the State Title in the U/19 Mens Road Race. They did 7 laps of a 17km course to cover 119km.
Before the start Dylan said he was going to make the race hard for all. From 2km into the race Dylan Newberry, Fraser Coast Cycling Club, went off the front and gained 40 seconds. At the 3km mark Dylan jumped out of the bunch and sprinted to bridge the gap. With his heart rate hovering at 190bpm he bridged and after 1km settled in to work and put pressure on the chasers. And so the "two Dylan's" proceeded to ride hard. After Lap 1 the gap was 55second. Once we got over the shock of him being in the break from the go, we started get regular time gaps and at lap 2 they had lost time and were at 45 seconds. The chasing bunch of ten had started to chase but the presure on them was too much and the start of lap 3 saw the boys back on the pace and had lengthened the gap to 1min:20seconds, they had settled in to the task at hand. Meanwhile the chase bunch splintered and had only 6 left to chase.
By lap 4 they had stretched the gap to 2minutes and were riding as if it was a two man time trial. End of lap 4 the gap was 3 minutes. The chasers where fading and had dropped to three. At this stage the commissaire had pulled all but 6 riders out of the race as the pace had broken the race apart. So with two v's three chasers the two of them went further away adding time each lap and at the finish had put over 6 minutes onto the others. With 5km to go the race result was a race of two and Dylan Newberry, last years silver medallist and a year older, put in a surge and dropped Dylan, but he pushed on and finished about a minute down but 5 minutes up on third place.
A silver medal in his first ever U/19 race. A good end to his first season as a cyclist.

Graeme Nankivell