Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Silver Medal

Now we all know who this bike belongs too.... SpyCat of course, but what's that around the seat mast????  Why it's a SILVER MEDAL from today's State Road Titles that are being held in south east Queensland!!!!!  In a women's field of about 20 riders, SpyCat came home in 4th place overall, 2nd in her category!

All year SpyCat has trained like a rider possessed, riding in the rain and the wind, the freezing cold, up and down Haddock drive that many times I can't even count that high!  Smashed herself on a Tuesday paceline and sprinted against the boys without fear.  It's fantastic to see that SpyCat has reaped the rewards of her hard work and dedication.

Congratulations SpyCat, you truly deserve that Silver Medal!  Bring on the Nationals!