Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Sooty Ride

I once knew of a great Zulu Warrior - conquerer of all things adventerous! 

It appears though that I may have been mistaken, the Zulu Warrior may in fact be a Zulu Princess.  You see (APPARENTLY) on the MTB ride this morning the other Dirty Rats were keen to blaze some trails through some freshly burnt paddocks near Haddock, but the Zulu refused to participate in disgust as he didn't want to get his bike "sooty".  What the???  The Zulu may find himself without a tribe with this "Carbon Fever" sort of behaviour!

And here's a proud Blogmistress moment - the youngest M1 Dirty Rat christening is brand new Trek MT 220 this morning by falling off in the creek.  I couldn't be prouder!