Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Sunday One

Ok, so it's Tuesday and I'm only posting about Sunday, but it's all good - gotta treat ya'all mean to keep ya'all keen!

The Remedy Rats had another good heat out, despite being hampered by a couple of flatties.  Unfortunately, I have no photos of Mr Anderson dismounting the reverse fly....

The L Plate ride was a bit of a Goldylocks & 3 bear scenario.  There was me and three bears.  I'm sure someone had been riding my bike!  It was a nice cruisey lap around the Sunshine Track.

On the Yummy Mummy ride, the hammer was on, with Captain Sergio riding in the pack with an inappropriate small chain ring.  Next week Captain, you are relegated to one legged pedaling around the loop.  And, it was a happy happy birthday to our Sweetest Yummy Mummy - Caro-b!  Get it???? Carob....chocolate.