Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Yawning Ride

Whilst the boys were busily yawning at the start of the ride this morning, the girls took advantage and totally owned the road!

In a nicely controlled paceline, SpyCat outsprinted DropBear, Mr Anderson and Snapper at the finish.  With State Titles on this weekend, and having had an awesome race in the combined A/B grade on Saturday, SpyCat is certainly in prime condition to bring home a medal from the States!

Skeeter just keeps getting better and better - completely smashing all previous attempts at the paceline, surviving until the final 1km near the dog training park!  And if this performance wasn't enough, Skeeter backed up and rode over Haddock and the Gardens hill to finish off the ride - dragging Snapper and DropBear with her.

I think you boys should watch your back!