Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Love Is Ride

Ok you Mere Males in M1 Land, listen up.  Remember the little cartoons "Love is.....", well this morning's ride was a clear indication that Hef, Snapper and Mr Anderson all need to be reaquainted with the Love is theory.  Let me explain....

Mr Anderson.  Love is NOT.... 'deliberately stalking down your wife on Haddock Drive and passing her 10 metres before the top'. 

Snapper.  Love is NOT.... 'catching your wife just before the railway line with about 500m to go before the coffee shoop'.

And Hef.  Love is DEFINATELY NOT..... 'sprinting against your wife as you come into the final corner 100m before the coffee shop to take victory for the boys'.

It's probably a good thing that LG wasn't on the ride this morning as I'm sure he would have been influenced by the other Mere Males in the pack!

And "Enforcer", you took Kitty Soft Paw Ride to a new low this morning when you turned on Jim Whyte and missed Haddock altogether.  Tsk Tsk.