Monday, September 17, 2012

The Saturday Rides

It's that time of year boys and girls - actually we're a little bit late this year - for the Saturday morning rides to swing back to the Saturday Summer Smashfest Rides.

From this Saturday, the bunch will start rolling out at 4:45am from Craig's Bakery at Sun Valley.  Riders will have two options:
1.  Hitters:  about 90ks in total.  Turn around point this year will be about 10ks out along the Boyne Valley Road.  We've abandoned the Kroombit tops road due to road works.  
2.  Kitty Soft Paws:  about 60ks in total.  Kitty soft paw riders will swing off at Taragoola road just through Calliope and make the return trip back into town in front of the hitters.

The aim of the ride is to keep the whole bunch together until Calliope.  After that, the Hitters are free to destroy each other as they will - may the strongest riders survive!  Hitters caught smashing the Kitty Soft Paw Riders before Calliope will be banished to the small chain ring and must pedal with one leg for the remainder of the ride (Note:  The Blogmistress' decision against all Hitters will be final and no arguments shall be entered into!  I can see a lot of one legged pedaling happening this weekend!). 

Both groups SHOULD arrive at the brew shop around the same time.