Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Trek Fuel EX5 - 25%

All right, all right, we hear you. We know some of you like to leave tracks behind, and were feeling left out with our Madone 5.9 special, so we thought we'd post a 'dirt' special for "Sale of the Century".
You will get:
  • a Platinum Alpha Aluminium frame with state of the art hydroforming; as good as many higher end bikes;
  • Trek's patented Full Floater Suspension with ABP...Best in class rear suspension;
  • 120mm of RockShox active suspension 
  • Quality, reliable components from SRAM and Bontrager
  • One of the best value full suspension mountain bikes on the market?...
Trek EX5 image
Trek Fuel EX5

... A Trek Fuel EX5 from M1 Cycles.

So what's the dirt?
  • Not $2000
  • Not even $1899
  • How much??
More exceptional value during The Sale of The Century!! Now go and have fun in the dirt, there's nothing better.