Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bontrager XR1 3hr special!

Do you want to be fast for this weekends 3 hr at Seeonee park in rockhampton? or wondering why "the king" (matty) is flying past like hes going too miss the line at the coffee shop, well Dont miss this opportunity to get yourself an unbelievably fast set of racing Tyre for your mountain bike. these bontrager XR1 team issue tyres have a 5 star rating from our friend "Wade Morgan" who says these tyres are the ultimate race Tyre, a super fast rolling Tyre that keeps your ride light weight making those hard hills easy, the XR1 come equipped with a predictable profile that handle high and low speed corning like a pro, also offering 120TPI giving you a little more puncture resistance, with a RRP $50ea Matt Jenkin is doing a deal with 2 for $60 giving you your best chance at beating him on the day

As wade would say "come out"