Thursday, November 8, 2012

Speed Concept

Treks Speed Concept is best in class, not to mention the world fastest time trial bike and its easy to see why, Watch the below video where Linsey Corbin designs her very own project one Speed Concept with her personal touches. It never fails too amaze me with the amount professionalism and attention to detail this beautiful company excels in. There work is clean, accurate and has the most advanced technology, with features within the speed concept like KVF (kamtail virtual foil) a revolutionized tube shape which gives the bike not only a sleek looking design but greater speed and less aerodynamic drag making race day wins easier and effortless.  Trek Bicycles have a range of Time Trial / Triathlon bikes weather it be Tri specific or road trek cover it all too suit your budget check out there site today too learn more about the features speed concept has too offer and why you should consider the Speed Concept as your next dream ride.

The bike does make a difference, anyone who says it doesn't has a mindset of there own, comparing two riders with the same profile (weight, strength, etc.) it is the bike that separates one rider from another.

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