Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Batman Ride

Well, well, well, it looks like this Saturday's ride is going to be one of Good v Evil with Batman (Zulu) and Robin (Blogmistress) teaming up on the tandem to take on the M1 City nasties aka single bikes...

From what I've heard, all the usual M1 City crooks will be riding:
- The Joker (Hef), does he really need any introduction??
- The Riddler (Mr Anderson), sorry Ando - but you do actually look and behave like the Riddler.
- Bain (LG), the pure grunt of the single bike pack.
- Catwoman (um, SpyCat of course), no explanation needed!
- The Penguin (The Pied Piper), there are some definite physical similarities here.....
- Mr Freeze (Snapper), beware of the frosty glaze of Mr Freeze.
- Poison Ivy (Skeeta), hmmm, gotta watch this one, she's fiesty.

Will Good overcome Evil on Saturday morning??? Will the tandem completely SMASH the single bikes??? Me thinks so!