Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Choco-Limic

I had heard the nasty rumor before, but earlier this week, it was confirmed.  There is a Choco-limic amongst us in the M1 Bunch.

Now what exactly is a choco-limic may you ask?  Well according to Blogmistress-pedia:  A Choco-Limic is someone who eats chocolate and then proceeds to "purge" themselves having eaten (or almost eaten) what they consider to be too much chocolate.  I guess you'd call them a a Chocolateholic Bulimic.  Apparently the purge took place in the kitchen sink whilst they were thinking of Hef. 

Now M1 is putting up a free tube for the person who can guess the M1 Choco-limic.  I'll give you a start:  It's not the Girl Wonder and it certainly isn't the Joker....... (as if anyone would consider the Joker in the first place!)

True story.