Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Updated....The Cobia - Ready to eat dirt.

Updated - 2013 Trek Cobia 29

So far here's our favourite bits:

  • The 3x10 close-ratio drivetrain. More gears, more often means it's more reliable of a wider variety of terrain. Makes drivetrain slightly longer lasting. Close ratios like this are appreciated up steeper climbs.
  • The G2 geometry solves the dreary steering issue of 29 inch wheels. Because the designers have done their homework on this, the Cobia  handles nimbly in tight, twisty singletrack. And yet high-speed stability; best of both worlds.
  •  There's a reason why the Treks 29ers handle better than any others; it's because you can ride them like a 26” bike. Thanks, Gary Fisher, the father of mountain biking.

image of Cobia
Stay Tuned.... even more soon!!

GF pic
One of the best value 29ers on the current market. Considering it's heritage, and at $1299 rrp, and specced like it is, it is not hard to see why. So we're gonna ride it and tell you what we think.  In the meantime check it out on Trek's Website.

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