Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Performance Enhancing Bikes

Speed Concept
Performance Enhancing design that is legal, but only just... Ride anything else and you'll be slower.
Fast! standing still....

Speedx2 img
7 Series (fr $3999), or 9 Series (fr $6499), or ProjectOne. Time Trial, or Triathlon.
Speed Twins - All Fast, All Speed

Draft Box and Speed Box - More aero with, than without.
Concepts designed for speed

SC Head on
Kammtail Virtual Foil. It’s the most aerodynamic tube shape ever designed for a bicycle.
Low Profile

Get Faster, get Trek Speed Concept.

Speed Concept is the fastest collection of triathlon bikes on the planet. Trek's revolutionary design pairs a groundbreaking aero shape with the cleanest integration of brakes, cables, and electronics ever seen on a bicycle. Speed Concept gives you every advantage of all that has been learned in the wind tunnel.
"The most adjustable front end on a TT/Tri bike ever...see the video..."