Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Post Halloween Ride

Ok, so Halloween may have been a few weeks ago..... but yesterday the Tantrum Throwers were at it again... smashing Pumpkins (aka single bikes) on the Saturday Smashfest.  Some Pumpkins were that smashed on Sunday morning that they A)  Drove to the ride (Mr Anderson), B) Didn't even turn up for the ride (The Pied Piper), C) Didn't do Mt Bindello (everyone that did turn up!) or D) Turned up Phillip St and took a short cut to the coffee shop (SpyCat).

Yes, Mr Anderson, I WILL pay for it when I get back onto my single bike - but I tell you what, I'm having the time of my life seeing you boys suffer!

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to average 38k/hr for the ride.... but at 33.5k/hr, I think the proof was in the pudding by the time we got to the Bakery.