Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Post Pumpkin Smash Rides

Today's riding appeared to have been a little more sedate than yesterdays Smashfest, with many of the Dirty Rats turning up with tired legs this morning.  By the look of your bikes when you got to the brew shop, I think your name may need to be changed to Tutu Rats.... there wasn't much dirt on them bikes.

Without the Pied Piper or Little Tick to lead the Rats, they ended up doing a "Mystery Tour", which somehow managed to avoid all major climbs - how convenient!  On their mystery tour, they came across this.... who knows where it is, but of course the Rats had to ride through it in true Rat fashion.

Even with the early morning showers, there was still a good turn out for the roadie ride.  Drop Bear even managed to climb out of bed and  join us for the loop and the New Girl (Jodine) has now managed to ride two days in a row - here's hoping you manage to keep the roll on!!

Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday in M1 land... see you on the Tuesday morning ride.