Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Saturday Super Smash

I tell you what - there's nothing like a mid week trash talk email or two to get the boys excited for a total smashfest on a Saturday hit out!  Today's Batman ride was by no means any exception!!!  In fact, I think we may have had a new course record - 34.3k/hr????  Not quite 38, but still.

The Joker was in no joking mood as the bunch headed out and I'm not sure anyone escaped a spray this morning.  I'll try and hide the angry weed everyone so we don't have a repeat next week.... oh, that's right we won't be here... we'll be riding the Oppy in Launceston!  Looks like you all get a weeks rest.

Pengu sure was in Penguin mode - trailing the tandem everywhere it went and occasionally squawking "I'm still here".  It's just a shame your little Pengu legs are feeling a little heavy at the moment and you got busted earlier than usual Pengu.  Bane was on absolute fire, nabbing the caped crusader and his one armed side kick at the major Sprint Point.  I should mention also that Joker got the bakery kick after some crafty work.

Banjo Bill gave everyone a lesson in bunch un-etiquette with his vocal opinion on the Boyne Valley road whilst we changed Dylan's flat.  Thanks for that Banjo - good thing there weren't any ladies present!  Um, did anyone else get the feeling that Dylan may not have changed a tyre before????  He kind of couldn't get the gas thingy-me-bob to work which is kind of funny for the most pro rider in our pack!

Ah, and I can't forget "29er".  A rider from the other side of the tracks who is doing a damn fine job of hanging in there until the end of all these smash fest rides.  You'll see one day 29er that we're not really that bad :)