Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Steady Sunday

Everyone in M1 land was in for a bit of a easier morning this morning after yesterday's little hit out.  On the roadie ride there were a couple of new-old riders (Croz and Drop Bear) and a new-new rider (Charmaine) to complete the morning.  

It was a leisurely roll around the circuit but somehow a few didn't make it to the brew shop??? Super short cuts perhaps???

Steve received his initiation into the Dirty Rat clan with an over-the-handle-bar-dismount down Hayden's Hill on the 5am MTB ride. Ahh, the State Forest is such a great place for Dirty Rat initiations to take place.... makes me recall my own initiation when Pengu made the remark "one more little hill Kate" - I don't know what kind of "hills" they have in Antarctica, but in the State Forest there is no such thing as a little uphill or downhill!! Initiation complete.