Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rapha 500: Day 1 Complete

Oh boy. Where to begin. I have this habit of biting off more than I can chew... Ottway 100, oppy gran fondo the week I get my arm out of a cast - and now our tour of Tassie.

Let me break our 98k down into stages. Stage 1: first 12k - all uphill out of Launie and that was just about me done. A smart person would have done some training with a fully loaded flat bar - but that would be a smart person.
Stage 2: about 31k heading north into a headwind. Enjoyable stuff when you're riding uphill as well.
Stage 3: about 35k - 2k down the road we realise we didn't get a coffee at our food stop, what were we thinking???? On this stage we were nearly taken out by the odd thousand or two Hilux's towing boats.
Stage 4: 20k to Scottsdale. Finally a tailwind on our backs but more hill climbing - bearable though when you're riding +20k/hr.

As for the GB Tree (aka gingerbread tree), his days are numbered.... As for the Hef, he's gonna run out of chamois cream.... As for Kittstar, she's gonna be like her mate LG and just keep swimming...