Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rapha 500: Day 2

Today lived up to all my expectations - and then some! 98k 5hrs 21m ride time. Location - windy St Helen's.

Right from the time I woke up I was fixated on having a good strong brew at our brekkie stop which was supposed to be 30k down the road. The problem was that no one in Tassie is awake before 10am and by this time we were in the middle of nowhere - somewhere between berg 1 and 2 (refer to evidence below!) with berg 3 and 4 still to come. And "bergs" down here are only represented by these awesome red signs that tell you to slow down - which is pretty hard to do when you're crawling a long at 8k an hour! All other hills apparently don't rate a mention to these Tassies!

Route detail....

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Top 3 quotes of the day:
  • 3rd place goes to Hef: "It feels like we're going uphill". No kidding.
  • 2nd place goes to Kittstar: "the goats name is William? How do you know that?" Billy goat = William (according to Hef anyway, he even called me blonde!).
  • But the winner goes to Hef: after 71ks, 60 being uphill, 4hrs+ ride time - no coffee and only a muesli bar, a couple of Nakes and a banana - Hef says "let's ask the guy in this road stop if there are any cafes down the road". I don't think so Hef!!!!

William B Goat image
G'day William the Goat.

Berg Country, Tasmania image
"It feels like we're going uphill"

Hef and Trek FX's
Hef, deep in thought; contemplative, reflective....