Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rapha 500: Update 5

Can anyone read weather charts? Sneaky Pete here, filling in for Kittstar, who informs me that the internet keeps getting blown off the wires in Orford, Tasmania. I checked the weather stats for today that they would have encountered and found this snippet...
Orford weather
Take a look at those wind speeds and directions!!
Does anyone know what direction it is between Bicheno and Orford? I've had a look on a map and I reckon it's roughly SSW. So I'm sort of working out why Kittstar had a wry little chuckle when I scoffed about a little 100k ride into a 'bit of wind'. Not sure how long this day's ride took but I think Kitty mentioned 5+ hours into an average 50kmh (roughly) headwind, straight on the nose along terrain similar to the Malborough stretch. I am happy to report they are still alive...
So who's up for a quick trip around Northeast Tassie with Kittstar and Hef?