Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rapha 500: Day 4

Well today we cracked the Hundy (103k in 5hrs 10min, destination Orford) thanx to a couple of extra k's down a road just past Swansea to Kate's Berry Farm. And I can tell you that those couple of extra k's were well worth it! This is definitely a must do, must eat stop if you're ever in the east coast region. Hef can highly recommend the Blueberry Pie!

The Zulu finally read his weather beads right and the raging headwind he had promised arrived with force today about 30k into our journey. It was like this for the entire day, including the final 30k into Tarabunna along a section we named "The Malborough Straight of Tasmania". We became that desperate that we pulled up stumps in the middle of nowhere to munch on our fresh cherries and bananas just to get some reprieve from the belting we were taking!

On a good note though we again saw some awesome sights - definitely an advantage of staying at B&B's and travelling by bike. Attraction 1: the spike bridge, built in the early 1800's by convicts - Looks very cool. Attraction 2: The Lair, just past Kabuki tea house, this holiday house will set you back $1,800 a night (personally I think you'd get better value haggling Hef for an FX 7.6!). And finally Attraction 3: the shoe fence. In the middle of the Malborough Straight other delirious travellers have started throwing their shoes out the window to make this random drive by feature!

I can honestly say that all four days so far have been different and challenging in every way, but I've never enjoyed such an adventure in all my life and we're kind of hooked on the bike touring thing!

Berry Farm img
MMMM, Blueberry Pie. Yum.

shoe fence img
Chuck out your old Bontragers...

roadside stop img
Blew them off their bikes.

Wye River img
Crossing the Wye River Tasmania