Monday, December 31, 2012

Rapha 500: The Final Day

It appears that mother nature has cottoned on to our method of rising early to beat the wind for today the wind started howling at 2:30am and this is a little early to get up even for us!

Today is our last day on the road and we have 56k to complete our Rapha 500 journey to Hobart. Before we hit the road, let me give you some tips from the first time tourer:
1. Be prepared to ride slow. Forget the averages of the saturday smash or even the sundy hundy's - if you average 20, you're hammering.
2. Sun sleeves and a helmet with a beak is essential. Forget looking like a pro whilst touring.
3. Pack light. Start by packing what you think you need in your panniers and then put half back in the cupboard - if you have two of anything, you have have too much!

Enjoy your last day of 2012 and we'll see you in Hobart!