Friday, December 28, 2012

Rapha 500: Half Way Mark

SpyCat has a phrase from Jens Voight that mentions a creature who lives on your back who goes by the name of "Pain". I've been thinking about this creature over the past two days and have been wondering if and when he might try to hitch a ride to Hobart.... Well today wasn't his day, but his brother "Torture" jumped on for a ride about 20k out of St Helen's and he didn't get off until I'd been sleeping for over an hour post ride! It just wasn't my day in the sun - even though I'm the birthday girl!

It was a very different ride today - shorter (80ks) and a lot flatter (by Tasmanian standards!) and despite the unwelcomed hitch hiker we had some awesome scenery - including the yachts of the Sydney to Hobart and some amazing wildlife, dolphins, a thousand bunnies, an echidna, wombat and some strange looking birds that belong in a scene from Alice in Wonderland!

To end our ride our B&B is at the top of a 200m hill climb - which I will admit I walked!

Thanx to the Riddler for the secret reminder text! Oh, and you must ask Hef about his electric blanket.

Halfway img
Yay!! Half Way

Hef Beach img
Beach boy and bike

K's b'day img
Happy Birthday Kittstar.

Beautiful Tassie