Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Coo Ride

Tis' was the week before Christmas and the M1 roadies said "get stuffed with the hammer ride, let's coffee shop it instead".  Well, that's what the Riddler and Hef had planned for this morning anyway.

So the bunch spent 15 minutes yapping in the Sunvalley Carpark until the brew shop opened, then we rolled the whole 20m and parked our bikes against the walls and our butts on the seats and enjoyed a pre-Christmas latte or two while the rest of the world went by.

For some reason the Riddler was receiving all the special treatment from the bakery ladies this morning, perhaps it was something to do with the Yellow Jersey he had on..... But I think Monty, Skeeta and Snapper looked smashing in comparison in their matching M1 kits!