Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Rat Ride

Evidence of Kate suffering on that tiny little hill climb along the power line ridge. Kate may want to post it on the Blog.
Here is my version of how the afternoon unfolded:
The Pied Piper was in fine form putting the hurt into the legs of the Dirty Ratters over the long weekend. A text book display of skill and determination saw him avoid several incidents that plagued the eager rats around the wet and muddy state forest. The Zulu suffered an early flat and uncharacteristic mud dive over the hangers when attempting a rutted descent leading into a small creek crossing. The King in his eagerness to elevate himself in the pecking order came unstuck as well. There was a spirited attempt to overtake the Pied Piper through some tricky and tight creek bed single track which inevitably ended in spectacular fashion with a great impersonation of Superman over the bars and into the drink. Not to be outdone the Big Fish was not letting everyone have it their own way by taking an earlier fall in the same section of single track resulting in some carnage to both lower legs. A rendezvous with the Guppie saw the group regather at the summit of Power Pole hill and as the afternoon was coming to a close a decision was made to hightail it out of there and head for home. The Guppie, like a fish out of water was gasping for air as we crested our last little climb for the day before our descent into some fantastic singletrack through the valley of hurt leading us back to civilization at Kirkwood rd. All in all, a great day was had by all.
Reg Eldridge

AKA Pengu.  PS - the hill was bigger than it looks and just for the audience's knowledge - I wasn't "suffering"... see the smile!!!