Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Saturday Ride

As summer rolls on the Saturday bunch just keeps getting bigger and bigger - allowing plenty of opportunity for card sharks and Pengu's to hide from the front!  

I'm not sure if anyone got a head count this morning, but I'm sure we would have been over the 20????  Only 6 turned for the KSPR, I think 2 bunked it before Calliope (not mentioning any names here girls!) and the rest headed for the Monto Road for a bit of Zulu-On-A-Single-Bike-Thrashing.

The last joke was on Riddler this morning when his tyre finally said ENOUGH! and blew to pieces having been worn down to the canvas.  Riddler had to phone a bunked-friend to get a lift back into town..... I guess that's one Haddock and Extension you won't get in Riddler.  

Oh and speaking of Haddock Extensions, well done to The Big Fish for his first ride up the extension and also for Skeeta for FINALLY coming up on the Saturday ride.