Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Snoozin

There wasn't many people snoozin this morning in M1 land - perhaps the onset of another week of soggy moggy weather frightened everyone into getting a few last minute k's in.  The Rats were a little down in numbers this morning as a few jumped ship to join the Yummy Mummy's on the easy town loop.

The brew shop was a little packed with only crates left for those who turned up late... namely Yoda and Guppy - except Guppy's 8 hour partner was kind enough to give up his seat so his young apprentice could rest her legs - such a gentleman Pengu!!!  And the switchbacks...... DONE!

The 8am ride wasn't so much a beginner ride today - except for Crystal Cranks making yet another return to the dirt (complete with knee pads!) - it was a good thing he had them too.... he laid it down a few times.  

See you on the roads.... or the dirt sometime this week.