Monday, February 4, 2013

The Odyssey 2013

Kittstar, Hef, Big Fish and the Riddler (CONFIRMED) are about to embark on a southern sojourn to the Singletrack Mecca of Forrest, Victoria. 100 kilometres (or 60km) doesn't normally sound like much, but add in a few of the hills of the Otway Forest (about 2½ km of climbing, for the 100k) and things start hotting up pretty quickly.

Better have your climbing legs on!! And remember your race fuel, we don't want anyone 'bonking'.
With 2 weeks to go, entries currently stand at 1600. Entries are still open for anyone who can make the 'cut'. Field is limited to 2050 and entries close (if not full up) on Valentines Day.

There'll be live race updates from Live Results,  for all riders so we will all be able to follow along on the day. And of course Twitter with the hashtag #konaodyssey. Anyone going to be in Forrest, on the day, to give us updates, take photos?

rideforrest web link img