Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Soggy Moggy Ride

A squawk from the Pengu...
It was an eclectic bunch of riders that rolled out from the IGA carpark this morning and the numbers were up again with a good 20 or so riders fronting. Talk of a possible downpour did not bode well as the early morning light revealed a dark mass of clouds on the near horizon. The ride started well with our usual float out through Beecher before turning onto the Dawson and then towards Calliope. There appeared to be some confusion at the front as the bunch moved about like a broken accordion, unsettling the rhythm of the back half of riders.  A very unhappy Kittstar must have received tuition from the King as she barked her displeasure about how the lead riders were rolling. While this continued until the crossroads, I was sure that the riders behind were feeling relieved to be spared this spraying. Unfortunately, this was not the case as the Pengu who was on her wheel also copped an earful for presumably not doing a turn and in her own words “feeling the wind on his chest”.
As the Kitty Soft Paws peeled off down Taragoola, the King and the Zulu upped the ante for the rest of the group out of Calliope. The pace was unusually quicker, with many riders feeling the pain earlier than expected leading to a higher attrition rate by the time they came to the turnaround point.
Again Haddock Drive proved to be an equaliser as the Zulu and the Riddler made light work of the climb and seemingly floated to the top with the Silent Assassin hot on their heels.  As the real world cyclist’s battled it out the back, the words of the King rang true “Weight is everything”. This probably explains why the Zulu and the Riddler performed so well, having less combined body fat than a skinless chicken.  The Snapper paid dearly for the extra 30k’s he rode earlier as he crested Haddock with the King.
The usual suspects were present on the last effort up Dixon Drive with the expected lead out coming from the Gorilla. An uncharacteristic early manoeuvre by the King saw him fly to the front with the Pengu in hot pursuit.  The Zulu tried hard to respond but was stymied by a cramp in the right leg. The King having cashed his cheques too early gifted an easy win for the Pengu across the railway tracks before rolling back to the coffee shop to meet up with the soggy moggies.
Ps - the Kitty Soft Paw Riders resent being referred to as "Soggy Moggies" - be that as funny as it is - and the Blogmistress reserves the right to take blogging revenge on any Pengu stories who make her sound like a witchy-poo!