Monday, March 25, 2013

The Crazy Weather

Has Matt gone mad?

We know the weather has been insane lately which seems to ring true with quite a lot of things being just a little 'loopy', in general. BUT. How does Matt think he can get away with this one:

Trek Madone 4.7 at $2200. That's an insane 26% off retail of $2999.

175A2522.jpg 175A2609.jpg 175A2645.jpg
Best in class Carbon Amazingly Light Faster Acceleration
AE7D1710_BW.jpg AE7D2077.jpg AE7D2051.jpg
Loaded with Technology Best Selling Brilliance Ride the legend, save $$$'s

You'll fall in love with the smooth ride and the response of this pure bred road machine. But get in quick before Matty comes to his senses.