Monday, April 15, 2013

Saturday Morning Ride - Time Change

As the season has changed, so has the time of the Saturday ride...... ha - we could star in our own TV show with an introduction like that!  

Actually, after the effort on the last of the summer time Saturday Smashes I'm damn sure we would make an awesome TV soap.  There was the bunch evil guy, Hef - lead character of course. The Damsels in distress, SpyCat and Blogmistress - who REALLY WERE in distress, the bunch was going too hard.  The Hero..... was there a hero to rescue the Damsels in distress???? Nope, I don't think there was.  Plenty of extras though working for the Evil Hef.......

Sorry, I got a bit side tracked.  The purpose of the post is to let all the riders know in M1 land that the Saturday rides now leave at 5:30am from Craigs at Sunvalley.  Winter woolies aren't quite needed yet, but it won't be long.

Don't Forget!