Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Australian Marathon Championships 2013 - Atherton, Qld

The Atherton Marathon course was held in an up and coming mountain bike region, home to a wealth of mountain bike trails, on the Atherton Tablelands. With 18km of singletrack, including the freshly completed 'Trail Six', a fast flowing World Trail creation sure had riders smiling. Also 21km of fire trail includes a 15km stretch around the back of the mountain bike park area, through the iconic rainforest of 'the Tablelands. A withering 1100 metres of climbing per lap of the course was surely going to challenge riders, even with rainforest scenery and flowing singletrack. A true marathon mountain bike experience.
Ray Rhodes put in a good showing at a tough race which saw nearly half the field DNF. With 3 laps to complete and lap times of around 2hrs plus you can get an idea of just how tough it was out there on the day.  Ray lapped his first lap at 2:34:48, but unfortunately succumbed to the 'marathon' task and recorded a DNF. A great effort even with unfinished business. Love to hear your stories Ray....
Full results can be found here.
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Pics here from Peter Roy. And Russel Baker here.