Friday, May 3, 2013

Di2 Diagnostic / Firm ware updates and Adjustments

For all your problems Di2 related, see the most advanced trained store in the whole CQ region, for second to none firmware updates and simple gear adjustments. With 2 trained and qualified bicycle trades persons instore at all times, there's no job too big or too small. From simple tube changes, gear adjustments to complete overhauls. M1 Cycles rates are not only reasonable, but affordable. For a professional service see none other than the professional bike shop in town.

"We don't just sell bikes, we don't just ride bikes, we fix bikes!"

For anyone who has a Di2 equipped bike, there is a current firmware update to enable the multi-shift feature; which means you can simultaneously change 2 or 3 gears at a time or even from one end of the cluster to another with the simple hold of the up or down shift button. You can adjust the speed of the 'multi-shift' from a slow speed to a faster speed shift for all your race winning gear changes. You can also alter the configuration of what buttons shift what gears. If you have a Di2 bike and wish to have the firmware checked for an update, or alter the configuration of the shifting buttons,  or enable the multi shift feature, simply bring your bike to M1Cycles and have it checked out by the most trained and up too speed Di2 technicians in CQ.

As our old friend Wade Morgan would say, "Come Out."