Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How To Grow A Zulu - Addenda added, see below.

The secret is out on how to grow super-human Zulu strength...... mountain bike through the long grass of the Gladstone trails and "seed" your face with every grain you can!  

Either you'll end up with super-human strength or an infected eye in the case of Hef - here's hoping for the super strength!

Ps - the downside is that you'll have to mow your face instead of shave and you'll end up with a look that only a mother could love!

Addenda (by Sneaky Pete). You must remember this....
4yrs ago to the day this is 'how you grew a Zulu', how the legend really began:

"Rumors are being spread by the members of the M1 tribe that one of our hardcore hitter tribesman has started - dare I say it on the blog - RUNNING..."

"The legend continues that the tribesman has started with just a 4 minute run increasing by 1 minute every week. This may sound like a small run, but according to the legend, this is how the Zulu's train. Running at 4 min / mile pace until they can no longer hold that speed. No wonder this tribesman had sore legs on the Wednesday hitout."

From now on, this rider shall be known as - Zulu.

As the M1 Cycles Blog reaches a third of a million page views and nearly 5 years since inception it is good to see The legend continues.... Zulu, a legend, still hard as nails and an inspiration to us all.