Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The EX goes BIG - This is HOT!

Presenting, in the red and black corner, The Brand new Fuel EX 9.8 29, weighing in a fighting fit weight and ready to rumble. 

 Following on from one of our hottest blog posts ever is the first 'landing' from the model year 2014. We think these new 29er Fuel EX (BikeRumor certainly think these bikes will be big) will be the 'go to' mountain bike of the year. If you hurry it should be sitting on the shop floor when you get in to see it!!
Fuel in the box
2014 is now. It's not, "Who wants one," it's "Who doesn't"

2014 Trek Fuel EX 9.8 29
2014 Trek Fuel EX 9.8 29 Specs-9.8

2014 Trek Fuel EX 8 29 $2999rrp

2014 Trek Fuel EX 9

2014 Trek Fuel EX 9.7 29

Fuel EX 8 29

Fuel EX 9 29

Fuel EX 9.7 29
Specs-8  lge img Specs-9lge img Specs-9.7lge img
2014 Trek Fuel EX 29 Geometry...

"2014 - the year of the Mountain Bike - is coming"

Just when we thought the Fuel EX couldn't get any better!!!

The innovative team at Trek Bicycles, go back to the drawing board, yet again, in search of more improvement, and what better way than to increase the wheel size to a 29er!!
Incorporating all the great features from previous Fuel EX's like:
  • ABP (Active Braking Pivot)- The most active pivot that allows the brakes and rear shock to work with one another with no loss of efficiency or ride quality.
  • DRCV (Dual Rate Control Valve) - The most efficient riding suspension. One shock, Two chambers, No compromise. Great pedalling efficiency, controllable big hits, smooth mid-stroke travel, small bump compliance.
  • E2 Headset - A tapered head tube and fork system that tapers from a 1.5" lower assembly to a 1-1/8" upper to give more material where it matters, giving a stronger / lighter frame with that point and shoot control you've dreamed of.
So now you can get all of this plus a 29er!!!

But why should you buy a Trek 29er?

Put aside the fact that Trek, with the help of mountain bike guru Gary Fisher, started the 29er revolution. It's often said that 29ers have sleepy handing compared to the more commonly found 26" wheel bikes. Trek have spent over a dozen years mastering what "we believe" is the "best in class" handling 29er. Featuring G2 geometry; consisting of a custom offset fork and advance frame geometry for precise handling at low speed without compromising high-speed stability. It's why Trek 29ers handle better than any others.