Friday, May 17, 2013

The Kids Bikes -when you want the best, for them.

You can change the construction materials and methods for bicycles, but you can never change the sheer joy of riding bikes; That always stays the same - We know it. Ask someone if they remember their first bike, the answer is almost always, "Hell Yeah!" The sense of freedom and exhilaration is second to none; there's nothing better than 'escaping' on a bike.
At M1 Cycles we believe the bike is the best invention that man has ever come up with, bar none.We also believe that you should remember your first bike for all the right reasons; that's why we believe in Trek's Kids Bikes. Bikes that give years of trouble-free use and grow as fast as they do. Treks kids bikes feature their exclusive Dialed Fit System that allows the bike to grow with the young rider. Not only is the frame and fork Dialed to fit right, but also components  such as: Handlebars, saddles, grips and pedals. 'Dialed' is the formula for optimum sizing and adjustability.

"Aint" no supermarket bike. These bikes are built the same Trek Quality we know and love, it applies across the whole kids range.

Dialed + Quality = A bike your child can ride for a long time.

Trek Kids
M1 Cycles Trek Kids

We want every kid to have great first-bike experiences and memories, and a long biking life.