Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Trailmakers

With Tom's track freshly whipper snipped and groomed, Hef and I snuck out for a quick lap around the track this morning.... Just near the ride-thru car wreck we came across this.  We must remember that without the Trailmakers and Maintainers we would have no awesome tracks to ride, no bridges to scuttle across, no hairpins to master and no logs to fall off - all hail the Trailmakers & Maintainers I say!

Don't forget the L Plate MTB ride on Sunday morning at 8am leaving from Choice Petroleum near Sun Valley.  If you've been afraid of the first Wahoo boy after the rollers on the way to Wendy's, be afraid no more - there's a cool new side track that will keep you upright and rubber side down!