Saturday, June 8, 2013

Weekend Riding

So the weekend has begun and there's lot's of riding to be done.  Some of us were up early, out in the dark, trying to steal more dirt Strava Scalps whilst others put their skirts on and pulled up at the coffee shop before the bunch ride had even begun - well technically it had I guess.... by about 400m from what I hear.  Oh and Mr Anderson - sitting at Craig's for a good hour and a half isn't going to help you on the Quarry... or the other one I passed you on this morning.

If you're still in town for the remainder of the long weekend, don't forget the bunch rides tomorrow - take your pick:  MTB at 5am.  Easy roadie at 5:30am and L Plate MTB at 8am. 

Perhaps there will be some mountain bike madness on Monday???? - stay tuned.  We'll keep you updated with riding plans for Monday.

On a final note, I just had to steal SpyCat's photo from this morning - life at it's best: sunshine,  a pink bike and a coffee cup in the back bottle holder.