Thursday, September 26, 2013

Custom bikes for Everybody - Project One at Accessible Prices

New Project One - Madone/Domane 4, Speed Concept 7, Fuel EX 29 Alloy
Trek Project One

Introducing the all-new Madone 4Domane 4, Speed Concept 7, and Fuel EX 29 Alloy on Project One.

Madone 4 Project One
Domane 4 Project One
Speed Concept 7 Project One
Fuel EX 29 Alloy Project One
New models launched with the power of Project One
Trek has launched the all-new Madone 4 Series and Speed Concept 7 Series, bringing the key technology features that make their high-end siblings the fastest bikes in the world to more customers. 
From integration and aerodynamics to Trek’s proven OCLV carbon technology, both platforms bring high-end tech to more accessible prices. 
But that’s just the beginning of why these bikes are a big deal....