Monday, September 16, 2013

The 2013 EPIC Results

Before nominating for the Flight Centre Epic, I never really stopped to ponder why the race was called The Epic.  Somewhere in the middle of nowhere yesterday though it became very evident to me why the race had received such a title - the race is simply Epic in every sense of the word.

There was racing all weekend with the smaller Chaser events being held on the Saturday - Shobai (baby Pengu) cleaned up in her division of the junior female Chaser, Kaido finished up with a second place in the Junior mens and Kate Maslen took out victory in the Open womens 20k event.  It certainly put the pressure on for good performances in the main events on Sunday.

Taking on the 50k Pursuit was Mick Bonney, Dane Linforth, Little-Big Brother Cooper and myself whilst M1 was represented by Pengu, Thunder, Zulu, Sneaky, Grazza and Sean.

50K Pursuit
Blogmistress 22nd in 30-39 Womens
Dane Linforth 4th in 40-49 Mens
Mick Bonney 49th in 40-49 Mens
Little-Big Brother Cooper 112th in 40-49 Mens

87K Epic
Zulu 18th in 40-49 Mens
Pengu 25th in 40-49 Mens
Grazza 27th in 40-49 Mens
Thunder 54th in 40-49 Stallions
Sneaky Pete 61st in 40-49 Mens
Sean Hall 16th in 20-29 Mens