Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Bontrager RXXXL Mountain Bike wheels

"XXX Rated"

Products from Bontrager don't attain 'XXX' rating easily; do they Keith? They are Best-in-Class products or they simply won't make the grade. One of these standout products was at Trek World this year, brilliant new wheels from Bontrager.

They're now in Australia and one happy M1 Cycles customer, who wants a racing edge, has had his new hoops delivered. We threw them on the scales and had a chance to ogle them before he picked them up.

Seriously Sexy and Light.

You want to be the Fastest you can be, get on these wheels!!

Bontrager Race XXX Lite Front Mountain Bike Wheel on the scales at 630g. Built up with Tubeless TLR kit, Avid HSX 160mm Disc and Bontrager XR2 Team Issue Tyres gives you a front wheel complete at 1400g.
Bontrager Race XXX Lite Rear Mountain Bike Wheel on the scales at 726g. Built up with Tubeless TLR kit, Avid HSX 140mm Disc, XX Cassette and Bontrager XR2 Team Issue Tyres gives you a front wheel complete at 1700g.
Bontrager RXXXL 29er Wheel at Trek World Earlier in 2013. These wheels (MY14) are available in Australia and from M1 Cycles now.  A complete wheelset at 3100g for a 29er....How much does your complete wheelset weigh, How much are they slowing you down (remember: it's rotating mass)? 
These wheels are probably the fastest 29er Wheels on the planet; they don't get the XXX label for just looking good.
Cutaway of Rear RXXXL Hub - 54 tooth Star Ratchet 

  • Rapid Drive - Fast engagement (8 degrees quicker) hub design instantly transfers effort into forward momentum
  • $1300rrp (pair) - Best value 29" Mountain Bike Race wheel money can buy
  • 740g (R) + 640g (F) = 1380g - Best in Class
  • Interchangeable axles included - Interchangeable axles allow for compatibility with more frames and forks, ie. Center lock disc, 135/142 OLD rear QR/15 OLD front, Shimano/SRAM 10spd, and SRAM XD 11spd (freehub sold separately)
  • Offset spokes - Reduces wheel dish, improving stiffness and stability
  • Stacked lacing - Provides a better spoke bracing angle for a stiffer wheel
  • Tubeless ready (TLR) -  TLR rims allow for quick transition from traditional tubed tyres to tubeless systems (TLR Mountain Installation Video)
  • Construction - 6061 alloy rim (24mm outer, 21mm inner width), DTSwiss star ratchet drive system, 28 front/rear DTSwiss nail head 14/17/14G bladed spokes with Alpina alloy locking nipples