Friday, October 11, 2013

The Ironman

Australia's Real Ironman

Take a look at a custom version of the Fastest Bike on the Planet; Thanks to Slowtwitch. Might we say it, Chris Legh's Speed Concept is Awesome!!
Fastest Bike on the Planet
1 day to race start
Speed Concept Project One Speed Concept 7
Speed Concept 9 Project One Speed Concept 7
Frequently asked questions: new Speed Concept 7 Series

Frequently asked questions: Speed Concept Series

Q: What is the difference between the 7 Series and the 9 Series? A: Trek uses the 600 Series OCLV carbon on the 9 Series along with full carbon dropouts and front derailleur hanger, while the 7 Series uses our 500 Series OCLV carbon and aluminum dropouts and derailleur hanger. This makes the 9 Series lighter, stiffer, and provide better ride quality. Also, the 9 Series comes with the Draft Box 2, while it is available for aftermarket purchase on the 7 Series. Q: Will the accessories from the 9 Series work with the 7 Series? A: All accessories and parts are interchangeable between the new 9 Series and 7 Series Speed Concepts. Q: Am I able to upgrade my previous generation 7 Series to the MonoExtension cockpit? A: No parts other than the bottom bracket and headset bearings are interchangeable between the new Speed Concept and the prior generation. Therefore, the MonoExtension, Speedfin, and other parts are NOT compatible