Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 2: The Day of Climbing

Crikey.  6hrs in the Redwoods today and I'm shagged.  It was a day where we were either climbing or descending - at most points in time I was well out of my comfort zone.  

We started with Steve Wilcock's favourite Tokorangi - one of the newer tracks.  It's a pretty cool descend with some wicked berms, but it's got this nasty climb to get to it.  Thunder had his first stack for the day climbing this hill.  

From Tokorangi we swung into Turkish Delight - yum yum - and then onto A Trail.  Lot's of tight turns and switches under the cover of the forest before popping back out into the sunshine at the start of the Tickler.  This is where Matt had fall number two - the second photo below, Matt certainly got a tickle out of this one.

From here we lost the plot and just kept riding up Hill Road.  This is where the shuttle bus runs.  We were the only ones riding up the hill - for obvious reasons.  But what goes up, must come down - and this was rather tricky and technical.  Not my most enjoyable time on the bike.

Old Chevy was the favourite trail of the day, lots of sweet flowing corners, switchbacks, drop offs and pine cones.  At the final map stop of the day, the King threw himself over the handlebars for fall number three.  Clearly it was time for us to leave the Forest.