Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 3: I'm Tired

Today was hump day of our Rotorua riding adventure and after a rather big day yesterday, the body was a little weary this morning when we headed off.

We'd had quite a bit of rain overnight and the forest was still damp when we got there, making me even more aware of the glistening tree roots that are as common in the Redwoods as a skittish rock on the Sunshine track.

The skies were still overcast which made for an eerie setting under the cover of the huge Redwood trees.  After going round and around in the Genesis track we cut down the 2nd Challenge track and popped out at the bottom of the Rock Drop - an Expert track that looked about as inviting as the dark forest from the Wizard of Oz.  We did however find a track that was to my ability.... see the photo below.

Ha.  Actually, we rode the Dipper, Tahi, Mad If You Don't and the Creek again before heading to my favourite trail from our 2011 trip "The Yellow Brick Road".  We went "bush" after this, riding along a section of fire trail and walking track before taking the Roller Coaster back to the Dragon's tail.

We were all set to head to "Steve's" track Tokaranghi again when the trail fairies started crying - no, started bawling on us.  It might be 30+ in M1 land but in NZ land it is sub 20 degrees and the rain is not warm.

The forecast for tomorrow is for "Thundery Rain"....... Boo.