Monday, December 30, 2013

Day 5: The Last Day

Sigh.  We certainly saved the best ride til last this trip.

After our forced day off the bike yesterday we were up super early for our last day and on the bikes by 8am - hehe.  We decided to take a different entrance into the Redwoods today, riding up the road to nowhere and then cutting in at the Tank to Town track.  "That's when the fight started".

Now if the tracks in Gladstone had received as much rain as what Rotorua did yesterday, you wouldn't be able to ride off road for about 2 weeks - but the Redwoods were still in pretty good shape and all tracks were definitely still rideable.

The only new track we rode today was the Lion's Tail.  Oh hang about, we did venture into the dark forest of Rock Drop but the lions and tigers and bears frightened us out pretty quick.  Steve's track Tokarangi was that good we had to ride it twice today - which meant climbing up there twice as well, but it was definitely worth the effort.

Dragon Tail got two runs today as well - Tokarangi and Dragon Tail would have to be my favourite tracks by far, but in Redwoods - you can't go wrong.  Honestly.

Tomorrow we leave MTB heaven and head home to the dusty, skittish trails of M1 land.