Thursday, December 26, 2013

Heaven: Day 1

I am in MTB heaven, I have no doubt.  I have a smile from ear to ear and its only day 1.  We started our day with coffee.  Matt had milk with his.

Without an updated manky (map on a hanky) to guide us, we just had to wing it today but it's not like we were ever going to make a wrong turn here!

We started with an open air "freestyle" track - Challenge - and then headed under the cover of the forest trees to ride Dipper - a personal favourite, the berms on the start of this track are unbelievable!, The Creek, Tahi, Mad If You Don't, Spring Roll, Sweet and Sour and Be Rude Not Too.  All of the tracks are rated from Easy to You're Gonna Break Something (just kidding, they're called Expert).

Most of the tracks we rode today were Intermediates, but we did finish the day with the No Exit track - an Advance trail that was a little out of the comfort zone.  There's a short clip on Facebook.

To throw in a random piece of info, when I uploaded the ride to Strava I rode Be Rude Not Too about 2 1/2 minutes faster than 2 years ago, no wonder the King was half smiling today.

We have our new manky now so tonight will be spent planning tomorrow's trails whilst we enjoy the spa and another glass of red......

Rubber side down M1 peeps.