Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Christmas Eve Ride

There's always one goat in the pack that has to ruin a good bunch ride and today that goat was called Mr Matt.  The King is renowned for preaching etiquette within the bunch - if my memory serves me correct, his sermon goes something like this...

"The strongest riders have to back it off a bit and the weaker riders have to lift - the stronger riders have to ride to feel of the bunch".

The King was clearly not following bunch etiquette in the paceline destroying everyone hammering out of corners and roundabouts and not pointing out potholes.  I think he may have been spitting the dummy cause no one would ride straight  to the coffee shop with him......

Boof stayed upright today and even came to the coffee shop for a hot chocolate today.  Boof we need a new blog name for you - you're too gorgeous to be a Boof!  And Mr Ando, you're a slack tart!

Make sure you're all in bed early tonight ready for Santa - I hope he stuffs your stockings full of cycling bling.  And remember if you're riding over the Christmas break, keep it rubber side down!