Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Gloves

Google "Cycling Etiquette" and you'll get a tonne of tips on how to be a neo-pro in your own backyard, but I wanna know about "Glove Etiquette".  I'm known to have the odd helmet or two, or three or four - or is it more?? but when it comes to gloves I just wear the same pair - day in day out, rain hail or shine, mountain bike or road I just wear the same pair.

So my Glove Etiquette question is:  When is the time to change them?

A.  Was it when they crawled out of the dirty clothes basket on their own this morning ready for the ride??
B.  Was it when I woke up after my kindy nap and my hands still stank of manky glove??
C.  Probably about a month ago??
D.  Not yet??